Try Sing-a-long with Suffrajettes  –  it’s a great night of frivolous enjoyment
with everyone joining in the fun of song selection and singing with Suffrajettes.


Suffrajettes  –  almost unplugged

Two women, two voices, one guitar, one bass guitar, a hundred plus songs.
Suffrajettes are Kaye Payne (bass & vocals) and Wendy Moles (guitar & vocals).

They specialise in 60s and 70s – a selection of songs that you haven’t heard for a loooooong time; but that doesn’t stop them from crossing to other decades right up to now.

Play “guess that band”, sing along, dance, and remember another time when life was less complicated.

One of their features is a “Sing-a-long with Suffrajettes” show.

Have a listen; live recording at a gig HERE

Listen to their take on great songs by the Doobie Brothers; Linda Ronstadt; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Steve Miller Band; Fleetwood Mac; Cher; Bill Withers; Supertramp and more more more.

Need a bigger band?   Then just add one drummer of undetermined sex!

 This duo is suitable for almost any occasion; background music through to featured artist. Need a bigger band, just add one drummer of undetermined sex for those bigger gigs requiring a larger ensemble.