Public Gigs

Try Sing-a-long with Suffrajettes.
It’s a great night with everyone
joining in the fun of song selection
and singing with Suffrajettes.

You can sing along and everyone has a good time.

(we do a lot of private functions that are not open to the public)

Gigs open to the public

February 4  –  Clarence Jazz Festival (Kangaroo Bay)
February 13  –  Wooden Boat Festival (Suffrajettes) 10.30am
February 13  –  MONA (Suffrajettes) 3.30pm

May 26  –  Live at the Wharf (Suffrajettes Gnomon Pavilion Ulverstone)
August 27  –  Hot August Jazz Festival
September 8  –  Wrest Point (Smith Family Convention)
September 15, 16, 17  –  Longford Jazz Festival
November 24  –  St Helens Jazz Club 12noon (St Helens Football Club)
December 27 to 31  –  Australian Jazz Convention (Longford Tasmania)



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