Public Gigs

Due to COVID-19 all gigs were cancelled.
We are slowly getting back into the swing.

We have a solution to your entertainment woes during COVID.
No dancing and everyone must be seated? No problem…

Try Sing-a-long with Suffrajettes  –  it’s a great night of fun with everyone dining (seated)
and joining in the fun of song selection and singing with Suffrajettes.
There is no dancing and everyone still has a good time.

Gigs open to the public

October 23  –  Duchesses @ the Duke
November 27  –  Duchesses @ the Duke
December 4  –  Sing-a-long with Suffrajettes @ The Timeless Way (Kingston)
December 5  –  Sing-a-long with Suffrajettes @ The Duke
December 6  –  Sing-a-long with Suffrajettes @ The Republic Bar (Beer Garden)