Kaye Payne

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Kaye Payne is a singer songwriter, musician, producer, tour manager/organiser, event coordinator, band booker, funding coordinator but mostly an entertainer.

Since arriving in Tasmania in 1991 Kaye has been performing all styles of music all over Australia. (Before Tassie she was performing in NSW and SE Queensland.)

She has produce 4 CD’s

  1. A Touch of Class Live
  2. Black Coffee (Featured 5 Tasmanian compositions)
  3. It’s Jazz (Kaye Payne’s eKlectiKa – features 12 tracks, 11 of which were  written by Kaye)
  4. Music and Me (a compilation of the last 30 years)

Kaye took A Touch of Class to the Mainland twice to tour Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. She took The Rhythm Factor around Tasmania.
Since forming in 2000, Kaye Payne’s eKlectiKa released their debut CD “It’s Jazz” and has done 4 major mainland tours covering Queensland, Northern Territory, NSW and Victoria and major jazz festivals around Australia.

As a soloist; she has been invited and performed at several major mainland Jazz festivals.
She has also helped arrange tours and funding for other musicians.

As a member of the Hobart Jazz Club for the past 27 years she has been on the committee for 24 of those years during which time she has held positions of funding coordinator, entertainment coordinator, and president and is still their newsletter editor and president. She was also instigator of the youth jam jar which started in 2004 and ran in conjunction with the jazz club youth coordinator and the con students; she is also one of two instigators of the Hobart Jazz Festival “HOT AUGUST JAZZ” now in its 16th year. Kaye is also funding coordinator for this event raising all the funds either through grants, sponsorships or other activities.
Hobart Jazz Club

Kaye has received two awards from the Wallace Awards in Queensland, from WA and at the Suncoast Jazz Festival for her contribution to jazz in Tasmania and Tasmanian jazz.

Current Bands

Presidential Suite (sophisticated lounge)

Suffrajettes (contemporary popular)

Past bands

A Touch of Class (jazz)
Kaye Payne’s eKlectiKa (modern mainstream jazz)
The Rhythm Factor (modern mainstream jazz)
Split the Bill (rock)
Femme Fatale (rock)


Remembering Eva Cassidy
Jazz Diva’s
Queens of Country
Patsy & Dolly Show
Gum to Garland


Kaye is President of the Hobart Jazz Club Inc. She still performs regularly and mentors young musicians.
Kaye (along with other volunteers) coordinates several music festival/events in Tasmania.

You can “Wake up with Kaye” on Hobart FM every Tuesday morning from 6am to 9am. Frequency 96.1
Hobart FM